About Us


Aviatrix ® was founded in Villingen / Germany 2004. In the same year the brand name and 2011 the brand image 2011 (heart diamond) was protected by patents. Previously specialized in manufacturing of unique designs, 2010 the first small ready-to-wear collection was published. The pattern takes place in our own house, every unit is produced in Germany. Only high-quality, valuable materials such as leather, silk, wool, and innovative blended fabrics where use.


Sabine Heisig tailored with passion from an early age, worked initially in a master-tailor atelier and decided on an apprenticeship as a dressmaker, which she graduated with success and earned her an award from the city of Freiburg for outstanding performance.
Subsequently, she worked for various fashion labels and so financed her education as a master tailor which she graduated in 2000.
Because of her dissertation in the compartment design / fashion drawing and the Master Portfolio, she was offered a place to study at the University of Textile and Design in Reutlingen, but instead she founded her label AVIATRIX in 2004 .
Her inspiration gets most of the stylistic periods of past times, which then combines with modern elements. Her penchant for combining seemingly contrasting materials such as Leather with tender silk is often used in her designs to fruition.

  The style of Aviatrix is very playful, extravagant and detailed. Main focus is on the fit, the versatility and comfort of the individual designs. The goal is to produce high quality, personalized looks that makes fun, are wearable and stand out from the "fashion chains-mainstream". AVIATRIX publishes two times a year (spring / summer and autumn / winter) collections with exciting party outfits and clothes, fancy streetwear as well as matching accessories such as belts, handbags and gloves.